Mike Hitchen admits to buying domain names to sell Madeleine McCann's name for his Pension Fund

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....and he is congratulated by schoolteacher Anna-May Silvestro (primavera) who also hosts a blog about seeking justice for Madeleine McCann, whilst encouraging the exploitation of her by a man who writes graphic sex stories about children.


Mike Hitchen, the Voice for Madeleine McCann increases her 'blood money' to $2,000,000

Not content with asking $350,000 to sell Madeleine's name to the highest bidder for high commerical potential, he now ups the price to $900,000. And now it's £2,000,000. And now it's $500,000.


Mike Hitchen Profits on Madeleine McCann

You heard it here First

For several weeks Mike Hitchen has been claiming he had new ventures ahead, systems in place, ready to unleash at the right time. He claimed that with these new ventures he would make alot of money.

To quote Hitchen from his secret forum

"I will not be neglecting Madeleine McCann, in fact over the last few weeks I have put several systems in place ready to unleash at the right time."
(Yup, been very busy Hitchen, buying five dollar domain names)

"you've got to be in it to win it"
(Oh of course, $$$$$$$)

Over a period of a few weeks, it will bring in enough until I am 55, at which age I can retire and collect my Super"
(We have always known you were in it for the money, at long last everyone else will now know)

And again

"As for the other one, that's under wraps for now, wouldn't want the little non-achievers shuffling around in the slums of their little slum cities getting jealous"

Opppppppppsssssss Maggot, did we just reveal your big secret? Us non-achievers? Hehehehehehehe

Us so called non achievers have discovered Hitchens plot to make money off the name of Madeleine McCann and others.

Mike Hitchen has purchased domain names in order to resell to the highest bidder.

conquistadorial.com $300

gladette.com $300

herdad.com $300

hilaryclinton2012.com $25,000

ionglobaltrends.com $600








therobertmuratstory.com $50,000

themadeleinemccannstory.co.uk $90,000

He created most of these in May of this year and immediately put them up for sale here

Here is where to find the individual Ads that Hitchen has made, Just click on the "Link" to go directly to the ad.

Janetanner.com $49,000 Link

Themadeleinemccannaffair.com $15,000 Link

themadeleinemccannstory.co.uk $90,000 Link

themadeleinemccannstory.com $350,000 Link

therobertmuratstory.com $50,000 Link

karenmatthews.com $20,000 Link

hilaryclinton2012.com $25,000 Link

ionglobaltrends.com $6,000 Link

We have always known that Mike Hitchen did his best to make money from the innocent name of Madeleine McCann while at the same time fuelling hatred to others for doing the same thing. Did you want it all for yourself Hitchen?

It is clear that M Hitchen purchased these Domains recently and immediately put them up for sale for a massive profit. The domain, themadeleinemccannstory.com AND .co.uk were created on 17th May 2008 as you can see here in this Link. Probably purchased for $5 or less. He is selling themadeleinemccannstory for $350,000 for the .com domain and $90,000 for the .co.uk domain.

The term used for con men as such, is "Cybersquatting" according to the United States federal law known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. The cybersquatter then offers to sell the domain to the person or company who owns a trademark contained within the name at an inflated price. Link

What Mike Hitchen is doing is illegal. Madeleine McCann is a trademark as far as I am aware and I would advise everyone reading this to please inform the families of the above domain names so that they can take the appropiate action against this known pervert cybersquatter, Mike Hitchen.

Perverts and con men who make money from the sad misfortune of others need to be stopped today.

It has now been proven that, Hitchen, the self acclaimed voice for Madeleine McCann, is trying to make a Massive Profit for selling her Name. A massive profit that he hopes to retire on.

Well Hitchen, I hope you can sleep at night, with your pockets full of those dollar signs you love so much, the dollars you will make from the sale of an innocent, still missing, Little Girl, Madeleine McCann, The little girl you have claimed to be a voice for. Now we have proven without a doubt what you really think of Madeleine McCann.
A Fan/Maria from Ireland


Mike Hitchen: Now sweet child, stand before me so I may continue to undress you

Sticky post - newer posts will appear beneath this one

This is an actual story written by Mike Hitchen on 5th February, 2000 (link to original) in which he describes tying a child to ladder before whipping her and having sex with her.Another story where he describes putting his hands down the pants of a young boy to squeeze his testicles can be found here.

These are just two of his many, often copyrighted, child sex stories that can be found in various spanking and porn sites on the internet. These child abuse stories, plus his hate campaigns against a stillborn and a newborn baby, are why these blogs exist: to expose him, and his supporters, but most importantly to collect evidence for the people he is attacking in order that the police can carry out their investigation so that Hitchen can be stopped from destroying peoples' lives. One woman has already tried to kill herself because of the abuse she received from Hitchen - how many more people are going to be destroyed before he is stopped?

As Hitchen says: "People who have hurt or crossed me have attemped suicide, have suffered nervous breakdowns and marriage breakup as a consequence of my actions. I view those as positive results and any harm done is of no interest to me. I find people's weak spots and twist the sword. As for destroying lives, yes, and it is something I am proud of." (Link to original)

All evidence on this blog links directly to Hitchen's own words. We have been accused by Hitchen and his supporters of being "pro-McCann" - when we are actually 'pro-Madeleine'. This blog has nothing to do with the McCann's, but it has everything to do with Mike Hitchen's exploitation of Madeleine McCann's name and, more recently, his 'Child at Risk' campaign which he links to Madeleine's name. We are here simply because we are trying to stop Mike Hitchen from trying to have a newborn baby taken from his parents because he doesn't like the baby's father. Mike Hitchen is orchestrating vigilante action against the father and we aim to get this stopped before the baby is harmed. If you seek justice as we do, particularly for babies, then please read the evidence contained in this, and the second evidence blog, and join us with your support... Thank you.


"Oh child, if only you could have seen your face as you brazenly walked into the stable. You did not expect to see me did you? How your heart must have sank at the sight of me awaiting your arrival. I noticed your eyes transfixed by the riding crop I tapped against my leg. What a delicious look of fear my eyes beheld!

You stutter an explanation, and inwardly I laugh at your feeble attempt. Bend over child, bend for my eyes to have the pleasure of seeing your riding breeches, stretched tightly across your beautiful bottom. My eyes are pleased and a message is sent to my loins. Alas, for now my manhood must wait for the pleasure to be found in your Garden Of Eden; for I have other matters that need my attention.

You flinch as the crop strikes across your thighs, first the left, then the right. Foolish child, your buttocks were clenched in anticipation, a futile defence against the onslaught of pain. You did not know that I had no intention of marking your bottom whilst clothed, that I want your flesh unmarked as it lies across my knee.

Now sweet child, stand before me so I may continue to undress you. Let me hold you in my arms to show my love for you.

A smile crosses my face as I point towards the ladder. You remember the ladder well, tilted at about 45 degrees, leading to a loft covered with a bed of hay. You remember being tied to the ladder, as I took the riding whip to you, to break you like a wild horse. Your eyes glow with terror, "surely not" you are thinking. I admit, for a while I am tempted, but my manhood can wait no longer. Come my child, let me walk behind you, as you lead me to the Garden of Eden. "

Mike Hitchen Feb 5, 2000



Mike Hitchen defends paedophile Gary Glitter

"Gary Glitter was flying back to Britain tonight to take advantage of free medical treatment on the NHS after he was released from a Vietnamese prison. "

The Daily Mail online published this article

Following outraged comments from British readers of Daily Mail online, Mike Hitchen defended the paedophile saying, "Grow up readers! Glitter has done his time in a country not noted for its truth in determining guilt and as such is a free man whether you like it or not. He's entitled to go and live where he wants unless one of you wishes to step up and take his place in the ludicrous feeding frenzy of half-truths that passes for 'news' in tabloids!"

Yes, Mike, we all know what you think of the British tabloids and the feeding frenzy of half-truths relating to the McCann's don't we? And we also know that you've been a fan of Gary Glitter since the 70's, so are we really surprised to see you pop up on the Daily Mail defending this despicable man?

Mary, from the UK, responded:

Maybe 'Michael' of Sydney approves of paedophiles, Mary? After all, you can find a wide selection of his perverted stories right here on this blog with links to the originals, written by his own fair hand.




i on global trends Mike Hitchen: Sydney's sexual predator and "voice for Madeleine McCann": 'The Bulletin' journalist, Chris Freind, emails child pervert Mike Hitchen "The truth must be told"


'The Bulletin' journalist, Chris Freind, emails child pervert Mike Hitchen "The truth must be told"

Yes, Chris, we agree that the truth must be told. How about writing an article on the truth about the man who claims to be 'The Voice for Madeleine McCann', Mike Hitchen? The man who writes sexually graphic stories about tying a child to a ladder before beating her and having sex with her. The man who is now selling Madeleine down the river by selling her domain names so he can retire early?
How is it you claim to seek justice for this little girl yet turn a blind eye to the reality behind the person you associate with?
Come on Chris, you like to insult British journalism so now show us that American journalism is better.


Mike Hitchen child sex story: Warning: Pornographic/Incest content

Mike Hitchen also posts on sex sites using the name 'mah'

I gave Mom a kiss, stood up, and pulled the zipper down on my jeans. She took the "que" and helped me tug my jeans down.

We looked at each other, not knowing who was going to do what next. Mom's face was as red as mine and she was crying. Finally, I took ahold of the waistband of my panties and pulled the front of them down, baring some of the hair on my puss.

Mom laid her hands on mine and helped me pull them all the way down, completely baring my bush right in front of her. Mom's face flushed some more and she swallowed hard. I succumbed to the feeling of the moment and started rubbing my bare butt.

Link to full story.
Another 'Vivian' child incest story is here.


mah (known as Mike Hitchen) on other child sex story sites

Hope you won't mind us mentioning on here that we now know you post as mah, Mike Hitchen, so that people can link the two together. It seems you changed your name so you could write even worse filth about children - particularly Vivian, the young girl you described as having an incestuous relationship with her mother from the age of 9 to, at least, 19.

You may call it "light relief" Mike Hitchen, but it is clearly sickening abuse of children.

And you have NO right to self-appoint yourself as "The Voice" for Madeleine McCann - or any other child for that matter.


Damn, it would be too bad if you are recognised as a child pervert in your own small suburb, wouldn't it Mike?

The Guv'nor
Feb 17 2003, 1:22 pm

Newsgroups: alt.spanking.reality.moderated
From: "The Guv'nor"
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 06:15:48 CST
Local: Mon, Feb 17 2003 1:15 pm
Subject: Re: An observation

"Daze" wrote:

"Heh, I keep thinking about the idea of my client base learning about
my interests...from where I stand, you are one brave person...or,
work/live in a community that's not as stuffy as mine."


And a widespread community! For the last couple of years, most of my one on
one consultancies, or those signed up for the information service are conducted online. These days any new business is largely word of mouth so often new clients are forewarned!

In addtion, it is a strange thing about online work, clients invariably end up as friends. For some reason the relationship develops quicker and deeper than conventional onsite or phone consultancies.

Also a few short term consultancy clients have been generated through spanking newsgroups, although if it is something straightforward, I normally don't charge.

As for my Aussie on site clients, I have two long term "one on one" clients
and they have known for some time. It is hard for those overseas to understand the local environment; although Sydney is a large city it is like a small village. Everyone seems to know someone.

I have even been recognised as "The Guv'nor" in my own small suburb!



New Perspectives R.O.D.
Including Cafe Perspectives, multi-media posts, video conferencing and a
whole lot more to ensure a realistic experience!


Nbrado, moderator of the 3 Arguido's, who advocates free speech except on his own site, gives advice about pro-McCann blogs


Pervert Mike Hitchen fantasises about spanking children whilst watching children's programme "Play School"

The Guv'nor

Newsgroups: alt.spanking.reality.moderated
From: "The Guv'nor"
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 06:32:54 CST

Excerpt from Mike Hitchen's fantasy about spanking children whilst watching the children's programme "Play School"

"I don't normally like to include young kids in my stories, either directly or indirectly. However, in this case there is a reason.

The idea for this story came from the controversy arising out of a recent episode of "Play School" an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) program for young children.

It features a segment called "Through The Window" looking at different lifestyles and family/social activities. This particular episode showed a little girl with two mummies. "Come along Rebecca, PlaySkool is on. Let's sit down and watch it together."


Let's spin the wheel and see which window we will look through today. Is it
going to be the square window? No, it's gone past. Oh it's stopping, very
slowly. It's stopped at the oval window. Let's have a look through shall we?

"Hi my name is Jemma, I'm 34 and live in Sydney with Steve. This is Steve,
he's my partner and my top. We are going to the zoo today, and we are both
very excited.

Here we are at the zoo. Oh look, there's a lion. Doesn't he look fierce. I'm
glad he's behind a walled enclosure. Now we are off to see the elephants.
They are much bigger than lions. Some have big ears, and some have small
ears. Ouch! did you see that? Steve pinched my bottom. He's fun isn't he.

This is the monkey enclosure. Steve's made a joke about spanking the monkey
LOL. Time for me poke my tongue out at him I think. Oh Steve doesn't like
that. He looks angry doesn't he? Of course, he's not really angry, he's just
pretending. What was that he said? He said I am very naughty and when we get
home, he's going to put me across his knee and smack my naughty little

Yes I do look sad don't I. And scared. But I'm not really, this is just a
game between us like mummies and daddies, or Rodney and Nigel.

He's giving me a good telling off isn't he. Shall I poke my tongue out
again? Shall I. OK then.

Ouch. Oh that hurt. He smacked me on my bottom in front of the monkeys. Oh
dear, I am going to be in trouble when I get home.

This is our house. Where is Steve going I wonder. Oh no....he's going to the
closet in the hallway! Oh dear, that's where he keeps his paddle.

He's coming back. He's holding the paddle in his hand...and look..he has his
sleeve rolled up. Oh dear, what have I done.

This is me across Steve's knee. Poor Jemmas going to be in trouble! Ouch.
Oooh Ouch. Doesn't he spank hard. I am beginning to have second thoughts.
Well not really. This is..Ouch..fun!

Oh my poor, poor bottom. I can't show you but my bottom is really red and
sore. I should never have poked my tongue out at him at the zoo.

"Did you enjoy that Rebecca?"

"Yes mummy. But I have a question about PlaySkool"

"Certainly dear. Do you want to know why Steve was spanking Jemma and why
she was enjoying it?"

link to story

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And I can't question how or when or why when I'm gone
Can't live proud enough to die when I'm gone
So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here...Phil Ochs


i on global trend's child pervert Mike Hitchen took advantage of a young boy called Jack by squeezing his testicles

"Come here Jack, let me make you look presentable"
He came to me without a murmur. I put my hand inside his waistband and started to tuck his shirt in.
"Em..ok Janice..I think you can stop now. It seems all right"
"Just need to be sure Jack, better pull the end down lower, much lower"
"Em..no need to go that low Janice. and that's not my shirt bye the way."
"I know Jack. I know. Oh you naughty boy. Looks like something has come up"
"Em, yes. well...nearly lights out you know..better be off"
"Oh you can't go yet Jack, you have been too naughty. I can feel how big this has got, that's very naughty"
I gently squeezed his testicles.
"I am going to teach you not to be naughty Jack" and squeezed a little harder. "You know what happens to naughty boys don't you?. DON''T YOU?". and gave an extra hard squeeze for emphasis.

I unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his trousers.
"Not the first time these have been down today is it Jack?"

"Or these" I said as I pulled his Y fronts down.
"Hello Y Fronts, say hello to Mr Carpet" I quipped.
His erection was evident. Jack may not have an erect posture, but his willy (cock seems the wrong word), certainly did.

Mike Hitchen September 16, 2003


Mike Hitchen: "You'd better not frown, Santa Claus is coming to take your knickers down"

"I am Santa Claus, Virginia. Think of me the same way you would a doctor or a genealogist"

Virginia managed to figure out what he meant.

Soon, Santa had Virginia across his knee and was spanking her like she had never been spanked before. She did wish he wouldn't keep saying, "Ho, Ho, Ho" though. It was a pity he didn't have his red suit on, but then again, it's not every girl who gets put across Santas knobbly knees for a good smacked bottom.

Mike Hitchen 30 November, 2002

Read the rest of this knicker-gripping bestselling novel here:


Mike Hitchen: In the bathroom I can feel him watching, though he never speaks

"I feel him, sense him, fear and respect him. I have handed over my life to him. I have given him control of my every moment and movement. Web-cams watch me everywhere I go in my apartment. In the bathroom I can feel him watching, though he never speaks."

Mike Hitchen May 30, 2001


TFA v Hitchen

And TFA researches his facts and doesn't write with hatred and vitriol

AnnaMay Silvestro, the Warwickshire teacher and supporter of Mike Hitchen's Child at Risk campaign, gets tough with the '3 arguido's'


(Primavera/Anna-May Silvestro) AnnaEsse said...
"Comment from anonymous of today's date has been deleted by me, moi, myself. Reason for deletion: I hate people who bore me, and anonymous' infantile and trivial comment nearly sent me off my chair with boredom. Home from work to that! Jeez!"

Clearly she doesn't think Hitchen is an infantile bore - just those who question her support of him.

Should Etone School supply teachers/'doctors'/herbal suppliers support hate/child at risk campaigns that are started, by someone such as Hitchen, for no other reason than jealousy?

Especially as she wrote this on youtube on a topic about child abuse, yet clearly supports Mike Hitchen who is doing exactly the same:

"annaesse (4 months ago)
I agree! Stop child abuse now! Parents you don't know who your child is talking to on the internet and neither do they. The man your daughter is chatting to may be someone older than she is, grooming her for sex and just waiting for the chance, when she is feeling vulnerable to lure her from your home. This does happen. Your 15 year-old daughter may be the one some numpty, anonymous pervert is chatting with, someone who persuades her that only he understands her."



Mike Hitchen had ASRA grant to research spanking

I have done quite a bit of research into this matter, I have analysed all my contacts and created socio-economic profiles, personality profiles, educational profiles and emotional and psychological profiles.

Using advanced analytical software programs, I have created various graphs and comparitive studies to compare vast amounts of relevant data. I have done this with the aid of a grant from The Australian Social Research Agency, and it has taken me over a year to complete.



Mike Hitchen would take a blow up doll, a slipper, and two melons in a sack to a desert island...

You have been banished to a desert island but are allowed to take certain items with you:

5 Records
5 Books
5 Videos
5 Spanking related items.

What would you choose.

Here are mine:

Records: James Taylors Greatest Hits; Tapestry; Bat Out Of Hell; Don McLeans Greatest Hits, Soundtrack of Carmen Jones. (I would try and sneak a copy of Barry Manillows Greatest Hits to encourage me to start swimming).

Books: About A Boy; How Green Was My Valley; Animal Farm; Discworld Compendium; Brave New World

Videos: Quiet Man; Great Escape; Carmen Jones; Third Man; Blue Hawaii

Spanking Related Items: A Janus Magazine, A Roue Magazine, A Blow up flexible doll, A slipper, two mellons in a sack.



Nearly 30,000 page views since blog began on 28 Feb - keep up the good work!

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Mike Hitchen: Deal with it or tell someone who cares

"Rutgers" wrote in a message:

I observed my father's death from a botched heart valve replacement procedure. The best surgeon in the NY area performed the operation. I held his hand as I watched him fade away.


"The Guv'nor" wrote in a message:

Rutgers That's life. Deal with it or tell it to someone who cares. But don't look in the mirror when you do so.


Mike Hitchen 4 November 2001


Silly Cat blog

Mike Hitchen visits a teenager's blog and, for once, doesn't leave his photo
to show her how old he is.

Mike Hitchen and his award winning blog

If you want to make a difference then click here

Brother and Sister

And you know something? One day I did just that. In fact, I went a bit further..
You know how sometimes things well up inside you? Things you are bursting to say, all bottled up and when you do finally let it all out, you can't seem to stop and go further than intended? That's what happened.

However, I did get her over my knee. She was still protesting of course, but I had gone too far to stop now. Up went her skirt, and down came everything that was meant to come down in circumstances like this.
When I had finished spanking her, I helped her up. I pulled her towards me and hugged her - tightly.
"I did tell you that I would put you over my knee. You should have expected it" I said, with what I hoped was a sort of assertive tenderness.
She pulled away and looked at me.
By heck, I hadn't seen that look on her face since we were 18 and she told me. "You know, mum and dad wont be home for ages and ages".
She stroked my cheek and coyly said....."Yes I know. I am not stupid you know"
Well, I'll be buggered:)

Mike Hitchen April 7, 2004

Mike Hitchen had sexual feelings for his own brother

During this period of my life, I often asked my brother how teachers in school caned. Occassionaly, and this is the first time I have told anyone this (and that includes Jane) I asked my brother to spank me, which he did. I have never had any sexual feelings for a man, or any desire to be spanked by a man, apart from those occasions.

Mike Hitchen 19 October, 1999

Mike Hitchen: Playing with himself in the Shoutbox

Anonymous said...
rev ulc said -"I might add that I am deeply concerned about the behavioral accusations made about Hitchen"I was a member of the shoutbox several months ago. I asked MH what he was doing and he said "just playing with himself" -Not being lonely and desperate or in the mood for shoutbox sex I didn't take the bait, but I was quite taken aback by his comment.
26-Nov-2007 09:32:00

The Check's in the Male